Sunday, August 18, 2013

Wow, busy social week!

Whew! I'm enjoying my Sunday at home.

This past week I think I just tried to do too much.

Sunday: Went to the mall with Victor to see Despicable Me 2. We ended up goofing around in the area, shopping for toys, taking the bus back to my neighborhood, and eating at the Philly Phlava restaurant.

Monday: Biked out to my mom's house after work to hang out with her and fix her computer.

Tuesday: The only day I didn't have a scheduled social event this week, but it was eventful anyway because of some interesting publishing news about one of my books which I won't repeat here.

Wednesday: My friend Kim came into town because she was dropping friends off at the airport, and she stopped by to say hi. She brought me some handmade headbands and a little star ornament.

Thursday: Jeaux Day. Jeaux and I get together every week but it's usually Wednesday. Since Kim was coming we moved it to Thursday. He and I met up after work for food at Jason's Deli and went to his house to watch an episode of America's Got Talent and listen to the latest installment of the Welcome to Night Vale podcast. You should be listening to that if you haven't been, but try not to look directly at your speakers while it is on, as you may hallucinate.

Friday: Usually I do my webcomic, Negative One, on Fridays, but couldn't this week because I had plans with Monika, so I took care to squeeze drawing into my schedule earlier in the week and posted the new issue Friday morning. After work I met with Monika and we ate at a Thai restaurant, followed by going to Mojo's used book store and browsing. We both got a coffee drink too.

Saturday: My computer's power supply started making a weird noise, so I invited computer nerd friend Jeaux over to fix it. After a couple trips to the store, we ended up buying the right device and he installed it for me. Then that night was a birthday party for Megan, so my friend Eric came to get me and took me to the party. It was a karaoke celebration and we all had a lot of fun.

In the party event thread on Facebook, leading up to the date, someone I knew from high school was also invited and happened to be a friend of the birthday girl's, and he was commenting that he distinctly remembered me singing harmonies during some science club competition. I didn't remember the particular time--after all, I was ALWAYS singing--but I think it's pretty awesome that he found it so memorable. That was in 1995 or 1996. We friended each other on Facebook.

Also someone at the event wandered up to me and addressed me by name and said that he'd seen me in a movie. That happens every once in a while--someone has seen the documentary I'm in and recognizes me in person. Kind of neat. And I got compliments on my singing and got to meet a bunch of Megan's friends--who are mostly awesome library nerds because she works at a library. I had a nice conversation with a fellow who was interested in the fact that I'm a writer and said he hoped my book would be in their library once it's published. :)

Sunday: And today I finally got to stay home and not do much. I did more work for an editing client, did some laundry, avoided my dishes, and gave a phone interview to a reporter from South Florida Gay News. (They're doing a story on asexuality but I don't know when it will be published. I'll let you guys know.)

I really hope next week is less eventful so I can get some creative work done. Also going to be doing some editing on an older project so wish me luck!

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